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Episode 1

Investigative Journalist Harishchandra’s home, 8:20 pm;

His 10-year-old son, Ram is watching a show called ‘The Presence of Ghosts’ on television. This is a reality show where a team goes to haunted places and captures their true experiences during their visit. Sometimes they use to stay in some places for a day.

After some time, the calling bell rings. Then Ram switches off the TV and his mother Sharada comes out of the kitchen and opens the door. It is Harishchandra. By the time he arrives, Ramu starts studying. He looks at his son and smiles. But Ramu has been pretending to be studying for a long time.


During their dinner;

Harishchandra: “Ghee…”

Sharada: “Oh! I forgot to bring Ghee here. Ramu, go and bring Ghee”

Ramu: “No, I’m afraid”, he tells in a low tone.

Harishchandra: “Why?”

Sharada: “He is afraid to go into another room alone or dark”, she explains and brings Ghee.


After the dinner;

Harishchandra takes Ramu into his bedroom.

Harishchandra: “Ramu, this is your room right. Every day, you play, study and sleep here. During the mornings, you stay here without any fear. But what happens at night. The only difference is that sunlight is replaced by tube light. So, there is no need to be afraid, okay!” he explains clearly to his son.

Ramu: “Okay daddy!”

Harishchandra: “Good boy and good night!”, he caresses his hair and leaves the room.


In the living room;

Harishchandra: “Since how long, has he been getting afraid like this?” he asks his wife.

Sharada: “Maybe since a month”

Harishchandra: “But why, is there any specific reason?”

Sharada: “Horror films and reality shows. Especially, the new show, ‘Presence of Ghosts’. Maybe it is the main reason behind his fear. I have told him many times not to watch it, but he never listens to me”, she expresses her frustration.

Upon hearing his wife's words, he begins searching for that reality show on the web and collects the complete data.


Next-Day Morning, near Arunodaya Complex, TV One

Harishchandra is waiting outside the building to meet the team of “Presence of Ghosts”. A few minutes later, a team of five members come out of the building. There is a small tea shop next to the building. Parineethi, Pranaya and Uday take tea, Vishwa and Manoj lit cigarettes.

Then Harishchandra goes to them and introduces himself.

Harishchandra: “Hi Guys! I’m Harishchandra, the investigative journalist”

Vishwa: “Yeah, we all know about you, sir. Please tell us, what’s the matter?”

Harishchandra: “Your show, ‘Presence of Ghosts’ is creating a bad impact on children. So, I’m here to request all of you to stop the show.”

Vishwa: “Sir, we are extremely sorry! Of course, we started that show with our own interest. But later, on seeing the tremendous response from the audience and drastic increase in TRP ratings, our boss ordered us to continue it. Now, it is in his hands and so we are helpless. I hope you understand.”

Harishchandra: “It’s okay! Thank you”


In the TV One Office;

Harishchandra meets the CEO of TV One in his cabin.

CEO: “Sir, because of that show, we are on the top list today. If we stop that show, it will have a serious impact on the growth of the channel. So, at this stage, we can’t take that risk. Sorry, sir!”

Harishchandra: “But sir, it’s showing the bad impact on children.”

CEO: “That’s why we are displaying the disclaimer before every episode. It is your responsibility to take care of your children”

Upon listening to his words, Harishchandra comes out of the office in disappointment. At that moment, he hears the sound of the bell from the nearby temple.

He then looks at the temple angrily and leaves the place.


On that evening, TV One Office

The CEO summons the five members to an emergency meeting.

CEO: “In recent days, there has been no pep and spice in our show. So, we have to work on it. That is, we must choose places that are more interesting and scarier. In this regard, I’ve chosen one such place. That is none another than Dumas Beach, Gujarat.

The Dumas in Gujarat is a spooky haunted cremation site where numerous local people have complained to have heard bizarre voices. Particularly at night times, people have heard weird murmurs cautioning of the threat around the vicinity of this beach. It is believed that this Hindu crematorium is sneaking full with numerous spirits of dead individuals!” he explains everything by projecting the pictures of the beach on the screen.

Uday: “Sir, it seems very risky and is really looking scarier. So, we can’t go there.”

CEO: “If you people successfully cover this episode, I’ll double your salaries. So, the choice is yours”

After thinking for some time, all the five agree to go there.

to be continued..
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