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A Hero Forever - A Farmer

To reach destination which is 1000 miles away,

every footstep counts you take in your way.

To make a 20 storied building,

every brick counts that binds with clay.

For a crop to grow, every droplet counts

that falls from sky when it turns grey.

In the same way...

He sows the seeds,

he keeps the seedlings clear of weeds,

just like a father, he looks after all their needs

and grows them as healthy kids.

He is a soldier who fights in the green fields to feed the entire nation.
He is our farmer; he who succeeds everyday by satisfying our hunger!

We are getting the ration, as he ignores the hot sun.

There is no relation, but he is shredding his blood to make our bodies function.

He never expects anything in return, but its our responsibility to show some concern.

We should remember his selfless deeds...
because, he doesn’t know greed as he born to feed!

- Hemanth Karicharla

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