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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

In this world, everything is precious and has its own value. Every creature is useful to us as long as they hold their existence, help us in many ways and contribute to our lives directly or indirectly with respect to time, with their respective and respectable features.

We are wearing clothes that are made of silk which is obtained from silkworms. We protect ourselves from the cold during winter by making sweaters with sheep’s wool. Like these, there are many more living beings in this nature being so simple and little by birth, but they are meant a lot to us by worth.

In the same way, even more precious than them are living among us like we do. They are not the C.M or the P.M or an Actor or a Doctor or any other celebrity we know. Even though we used to see them daily, we can’t remember their faces. They are none another than Farmers, Potters, Cobblers, Blacksmiths and other labourers who are contributing a lot to our lives, but striving very hard for their own livelihood.

If you try to stitch your own severed scandals, then you can know the sleight of a Cobbler. While you are eating the first spoon of rice after a week of fasting, then you will come to know the value of a Farmer’s hard work. When we are happened to carry our own luggage or to build our own house by our own hands, we will understand the true efforts of labour.

“Can we imagine our lives without them?” – No, we can’t!

But most of us don’t give minimum respect to them. Besides, we treat them as worse as horrible. We bargain with them very badly, behave with them with no mercy and argue with them with no courtesy. What is the difference between them and us? Simple, they are self-made people and we are self-centered people. There is no need to show them pity, but there is necessity to respect their dignity, because it is our responsibility to prevent our country from the crisis of inequality and thereby save our country’s integrity.

“Being rich is not about having more money, it’s all about being humble to everybody.”

“A Noble man is the one, who can see only the man in a man.”

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Radha Manikala
Radha Manikala
Apr 07, 2021

nice.. very well said

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